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1996 Consolidation

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These are for documents if a date after 31 December 1996.

Cleaning up a document

Legislation history

References to legislation history, as highlighted in the image below, must be captured in a single annotation above the LONGTITLE.


  {{*[22 of 1976; 20 of 1977; 21 of 1988; 10 of 

  LONGTITLE An Act to prescribe the number of Supreme 
  Court judges and of puisne judges of the High Court.


SEC 1. - Short title 

  This Act may be cited as the Supreme Court and High       
  Court (Number of Judges) Act.


Statements indicating amendments should be captured as annotations. {{*[text text]}}

References to Acts in the margins should be moved below the text to which they refer and marked up as an annotation. Where several references appear, these should be captured in a single annotation separated by semi-colons.

Dates in Zambia

The date in square brackets under the long title of an Act is a publication date.

In a consolidated document, refences to a statutory instrument, in the legislation history, can either be an amendment or a reference to a statutory instrument that commenced the Act. If there is no such reference in the margin, the commencement date is the same as the publication date.

If the document is a gazette and not a consolidation, the commencement date will be the same as the publication date, if the Act does not state that the Act will commence by proclamation in the gazette.

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