Inserting an image

We use images for maps, logos, and photos only.

Take a partial screenshot of the image you want to insert (search online for how best to do this in your operating system).

  1. Save or rename the file as something useful, e.g. 'logo' or 'map'. DO NOT include spaces in the filename.

  2. In a document, enter Edit mode and click 'Insert | Insert image …'.

  3. In the popup, click Choose a file and select your screenshot.

  4. Once it has uploaded, select it and click Insert image.

  5. In Edit mode, only some text will appear but if you click Update, you should see your image.

Under 'Attachments' on a document, you can upload more files.

You can also edit their filenames or delete unneeded ones, by clicking the pencil (edit) and trashcan (delete) icons.

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