How to handle different language documents

How to import a document in a language other than English

If a document exists in more than one language and you wish to add different versions of the same document:

  • Open the work on the overview page.

  • Scroll down to the point(s) in time.

  • Create a new document at the same point in time. To do this click Manage points in time.

  • Click "import document."

  • Select the appropriate language.

  • Upload the .docx version of the document. (Use the PDF to check against as the authoritative source.)

  • Select the section display.

  • Click "go for it" to import the document.

How to change the short title of a document to the relevant language

  • On the works page change the language of the short title.

  • To do this at top right corner of page Click Settings, Properties, change the Short Title into the language of the work as it appears on the work.

  • For French documents do not capitalise words such as aux, pour, le, la, l’, à.

  • Follow the instructions on how to deal with headings because these can be applied to titles. Style points that apply to all our projects can be found there

  • check how a word is capitalised in the content of the document for guidance.

  • Pay close attention to correct accents on letters for non-English works.

  • Click close. Click save draft.

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