Special instructions for cleaning up Malawi imports

Importing the Word documents

NB: Use the Word docs to import, but use the pdfs as reference when cleaning up the imports.

Word docs and pdfs are saved here:

Cleaning up the import

Things to look out for that are specific to Malawi

Margin references

The references that appear alongside/under the Long Title of the Act must be moved to above the Long Title and styled like this:

The date that underneath the Long Title may be deleted as it has been captured in the metadata which appears at the top of the work.

The margin references in the pdfs have been moved into the body of the Act in the Word docs. These references must be in {{*[annotation markup]}} and no changes must be made to their wording.

Using the pdf as reference, check that they have been placed correctly by following these instructions:

  • if the reference/s appear directly under the section heading in the margin of the pdf they apply to that entire section, so should be positioned right at the end of that section.

  • if the reference/s appear alongside a specific subsection, paragraph etc, place them under that subsection, paragraph, etc

  • another example

This is how it will look on the platform, please take note of how the references are indented:

In view mode

In edit mode



For the existing annotations in the consolidated Acts:

Change "s." or "Section" to "section", "Subsection" to "subsection", "Paragraph" to "paragraph", "Definition" to "definition", "Proviso" to "proviso", "Long Title" to "long title", "Heading" to "heading" and "Item" to "item". The only ones that must remain capitalised are "Chapter", "Part" and "Schedule".

Remove the full stop at the end of the annotation (if there is one)

Please do not make any additional changes to the existing annotations, including the annotations in the definitions.

Subsidiary legislation

Subsidiary legislation which sometimes appears after an Act is not to be included in the import of a document, please remove if it is there.

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