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Please use Word documents for import, and PDF documents to compare against.

PDF and Word documents are saved here

Cleaning up imports

Things to look out for in Mauritius


Please do not change the wording of annotations. These should be left as they are and marked up as a remark/annotation.

{{*[S. 2 amended by s. 3 of Act 21 of 2004; s. 3 of Act 34 of 2011 w.e.f. 1 January 2012.]}}

Certain annotations will appear in round brackets, such as in the example below. These should be marked up as an annotation/remark.

{{*[Subsec. (6) not in operation.]}}

Blank sections, subsections and paragraphs etc.

Some portions of Mauritius documents will be blank or empty. Below is an example of one such instance.

When a element that does not usually have a heading is blank, mark it up as it appears in the PDF. Blank paragraph (d) in the image above should be marked up as follows:

PARA (d)

Multiple blank subsections/ paragraphs or a range of blank subsections/ paragraphs, should be marked up as follows.


Below is an example of a blank section and how it should be marked up.

SEC. 9 - ***

Below is an example of multiple blank sections or a range of blank sections, and how they should be marked up.

SEC 30. - ***
SEC 31. - ***
SEC 32. - ***

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