Importing the Word documents

NB: Use the Word docs to import, but use the PDFs as reference when cleaning up the imports.

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Legislation history

Please include legislation history (shown in the image below) when importing documents in Seychelles. These must be put in a single annotation, with Act references separated by a semi-colon. e.g. {{*[Act 5 of 1943; Act 5 of 2013; S.I. 7 of 2021]}}.


Text indicating previous amendments must be an annotation. e.g. {{*[definition of “Authority” repealed and substituted by s 47(3) of Act 19 of 2013 with effect from 1 March 2014]}}.

Change "s." or "Section" to "section", "Subsection" to "subsection", "Paragraph" to "paragraph", "Definition" to "definition", "Proviso" to "proviso", "Long Title" to "long title", "Heading" to "heading" and "Item" to "item". The only ones that must remain capitalised are "Chapter", "Part" and "Schedule".

Remove the full stop at the end of the annotation (if there is one).

Notes, usually in red, which follow this format "Note: ..." as highlighted in the image below should be marked up as editorial remarks: {{*[annotation markup]}}.

If the note has an asterisk, as in the example below, then it should also be marked up as a footnote. An example on how to do this has been added below the image.

SEC 21. - Deeds of transfer, etc., to be transcribed{{^{{FOOTNOTE *}}}}

    {{*[Note to the official 1991 edition: See section 10(3) of the Land Registration Act ({{>/akn/sc/act/1965/25 Cap 107}}) in respect of the non-application of sections 21 to 23 of this Act to land registered under that Act.]}}

Notes for reviewers

In the image below:

  • the date "1 July 1979" under the title of the document, indicates the commencement date

  • Dec 25 of 1984 means Decree 25 of 1979

  • the date "1 June 2020" right at the top of the document is the consolidation date

Signing off subsidiary legislation

The consolidation date of a work that is subsidiary legislation, is the same as the consolidation date of that work's primary work.


Some PDF copies of consolidated Acts in Seychelles came with subsidiary legislation in the same document. The subsidiary legislation was separated from from its primary works to create separate (stand-alone) PDF documents.

A single consolidation date is given at the top of the unedited PDFs containing a primary work and its subsidiary legislation. This consolidation date applies to the primary work and its subsidiary legislation.

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