Special instructions for cleaning up Lesotho imports

Importing the Word documents

NB: Use the Word docs to import, but use the pdfs as reference when cleaning up the imports.

Word docs and pdfs are saved here:


Cleaning up the import

Things to look out for that are specific to Lesotho


Most of the works in Lesotho contain endnotes which appear at the end of the document. These must be treated as footnotes and styled accordingly.

Metadata at the top of Acts

Some of the Lesotho pdfs have this information [hi-lighted below] at the top of the Act

The date underneath the long-title is the date of commencement and must be deleted as it is already captured in the metadata of this work.

The text on the left of the long-title must be retained, please style like this:


For Lesotho you'll notice that often the Minister's name in the Preface at the top of a Gazetted notice, is styled like this:

These must be styled like this on the platform:

Text in margins

Notes/remarks in the margins that have been manually written must be ignored.

Some of the pdfs have text in the margins that has to be brough into the main body of text. Some of these are section headings [outlined in green in the image below] and have been brought in already and placed next to the section number, please check carefully that those have been done correctly.

Some of them are not section headings and must be styled as annotations. In the example outlined in red in the image below, the annotation will be placed directly under the paragraph that it appears next to.

Like this:

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