Style guide for importing and marking up legislation for Nigeria.

Cleaning up

Editorial remarks

Do not remove remarks that indicate amendments, such as [1992 No. 59].

Do use double squares around editorial remarks in Edit mode: [[1992 No. 59.]] This will show up as italics, single square brackets in View mode: [1992 No. 59.]

Remove remarks that reference Caps and Schedules.

Subsidiary legislation

Remove any subsidiary legislation after the Act, including if it says 'No subsidiary legislation'. Delete the name of the Act as well.

The document should end with the last Schedule to the main Act, or with the last section of the main Act if it has no Schedules.

Use Sections in Schedules

Prefer to use Sections in Schedules rather than Crossheadings.

If a title appears to belong to only one numbered Section, mark it as a Section, not as a Crossheading.

Mark up these sections like this:

  SEC 1. - Supplementary provisions as to the Corporation

    SUBSEC (1)

      A member of the corporation may at any time ...

    SUBSEC (2)

      If the chairman is appointed to be ...

    SUBSEC (3)

      If the chairman is absent from ...

  SEC 2. - Eligibility for reappointment

    A member of the Corporation who ...

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